Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Weekend update

Ah I’ve finally got five minutes to sit down and update you on the chickens!
The chickens have been very well behaved for the last couple of days, they have got into a very good routine.
We cleaned them out yesterday and we attached the old dog run again, this time we pegged a ground sheet over the top so they couldn’t escape. 2 hours we were in the garden tidying hedges etc and not once did they come out into the run. Stupid birds, they had fresh green grass to eat and a nice pile of fresh feed. We decided as they hadn’t ventured out we would move the chicken hut to a new piece of grass. Only thing was the hut half collapsed the bedding tray all fell out and the chicken got covered in straw!
James ran to get the screwdriver to screw it back together and we managed to get the bedding try realigned and slotted back into place. The poor chickens’ fresh grass is now covered in straw and the chicken hut looks like something out of the wizard of oz!
We didn’t get round to building a new run for them this weekend. We went to look at wood and chicken wire at the garden centre but my word its expensive. We thought we would have a good research online and get it delivered.
(written: Sunday 27th Feb 16:00)

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