Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Day 5

Apologies for the lack of blog yesterday, time flies when you’re having so much fun! lol

I managed to get home before it got dark to go and have a chat with the girls before tucking them in their cosy house for the night. They had managed to knock their water container over. I propped it up again and filled it to the top with water. They were all very thirsty and didn’t seem to mind the presence of a human while they drank themselves silly.
I just got an image of a drunk chicken then, I mean drank themselves silly with water!
James had given them some potato peelings yesterday morning and they had gobbled them up. I was looking round the garden for something to give them but other than nettles there didn’t seem to be anything. You can give them nettles, they like them apparently but I’m not too sure, I wouldn’t want nettles stinging down my throat!
Beryl seems to be getting a little braver and doesn’t really mind you peering in, Meryl on the other hand is like a wild bird, she flaps and runs away as soon as she hears you coming down the path. Mavis is filthy from the wet mud and now looks sort of browny white as opposed to white, white when we first got her. Beryl seems to be filling out a bit now as well, she looks very happy.
James will be building a bigger run this weekend so they will have plenty more room. I’m not sure how well James is going to get on building said run. We may need to call on the services of Woodisse senior!
All the grass has been eaten in the area they are in, we need to buy some woodchip so they don’t get so muddy.
We were advised to block the egg laying area of the coop up so that they did not sleep in it. Now that 5 days have passed they will now know not to sleep in that area so I removed the cardboard.

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