Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Great Escape

We opened the house door up to let the ladies down for their breakfast, the run is not very big so we put the old dog wire fence round the coop. I suggested that we opened the main door so that they could have a bit more room and they could spend the day outside in the bigger run. James agreed unwillingly as he was a bit concerned they might fly away. I was sure they would be ok and convinced him to let them out.

Mavis was the first to venture out. She seems to be the more confident one of the three of them and first to do everything. Meryl just seems to be lazy and after a feeding frenzy she returned to the bedroom!!
Beryl seems to be the baby of the group and is a little shy.

We came back into the house to have our breakfast, standing up occasionally to make sure none of them have flown away, lol!
I thought a nice picture of the chicken house from the living room would be good so I go and get my camera. I look out into the garden to see Mavis strutting across the grass near the pond! The little devil had escaped!!  I shouted to James that Meryl had escaped. He was less than impressed. I stood giggling in the living room until I heard 'don't just stand there woman!'  I dived into my wellies and legged it outside. I told James he would just have to be brave and catch her. I on the other hand, still too nervous to pick them up was supervising James :0)

We decided to try and scoot her near to the chicken house with the lid of the composting bin. This back fired as she escaped through the fence to the outside of the garden! (I knew we should have got the fencing done last year). James ran round to try and direct her back into the garden which she kindly did. I thought I could use the empty composting bin to contain her, this frightened her even more and she ran out of the fence and out of the garden again. James ran round again and scooted her back in.  I managed to escort her back into the old dog run and contained her in there. We then moved the run to the door of the chicken hutch and persuaded her to get back in to the safety of the roofed coop! Meanwhile Beryl and Meryl were trying to get out! Luckily we managed to catch them in time and they went back into the coop as well. Phew!

They are now all in the bedroom of the coop and haven't ventured down. They are probably debating the next escape plan!

Its all good fun at Number One Samsons Cottages this morning :0)

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