Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Homecoming

James built the coop in the living room this morning. We decided not to do it last night as were too tired!
At 13:30 we went to collect the ladies from the chicken farm. We chose 3 in the end as the coop is a tad smaller than we thought. We decided on a Columbian Blacktail,  a light Sussex and a Cambridge Blue. The man managed to grab the white one (light Sussex) now named Mavis,and gave it to James to hold. He then grabbed the brown one (Columbian Blacktail) now named Beryl and tried to give it to me to hold. I was a little petrified and declined! So he then had to grab the grey one (Cambridge blue) now named Meryl, one handed!
We loaded them into their box (with air holes as prepared earlier by my fair hands) and popped them in the boot. We also bought food, straw, water and food containers and some grit stuff.

==Now back at home==

After filling the sleeping area with straw we coaxed the girls from their box into their new home. They seem happy enough, they are already pecking at their food and they seem to be taking it in turns to view their new bedroom :0)

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